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Gems for Life

Helping Famililes and Children in Asia and Africa
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Gems for Life sells brand new jewelry purchased at auction for a fraction of the retail cost. Fine jewelry items include precious metals like solid gold and sterling silver, numerous gemstones like garnets, aquamarines,tanzanite, topaz, and rubies and diamonds. We also sell "tribal" pieces from Tibet, Nepal, and Afghanistan. These are unique pieces crafted in turquoise, coral, onyx, moonstones and other exotic gemstones.  And don't miss our handcrafted semi-precious items made from stones like jasper, agate, howlite and labradorite. Remember, ALL profits from the sale of jewelry go to the region of origin of the pieces or the stones to help families and children in need.

      Here I am with some children in an orphanage in Nepal

Let me introduce myself, I am Barb Semple, a lover of God and His creation, a "rock-hound" and member of the International Gemstone Society. 


 "Gems For Life" was started by me in response to conditions in the Sudan and Tanzania regarding slavery. I was so moved by the plight of these families, I decided to do something. I bought some Tanzanite pieces at auction, and resold them for a profit. People liked the pieces so much , they started to ask if I could get other items. So I did, and the rest is history.


 To date, our ministry has redeemed over 20 slaves in the Sudan and reunited them with their families!  We also have helped to build orphanages in Nepal,  and are beginning a venture in Peru invoved in getting kids off the streets and giving them a better life.


Won't you join in in this venture of love?

Customer testimonials:
Everyone asks me where I got my Mystic topaz necklace.....I wear it all the time.......CS
I LOVE my turquoise's the best quality turquoise I have ever seen.......AM
 The coral necklaces are so unique and BEAUTIFUL.....AS
I was able to get my wife a really nice pearl necklace....I would never have been able to afford it at retail price.  But the QUALITY is amazing, like those in fine stores.....MM
Tanzanite for under $100...amazing!.....SS
This gold ring with the alexandrite stone is amazing. I can't believe the price!.....CM