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Gems for Life

Helping Famililes and Children in Asia and Africa
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    Gems for Life   is a ministry that serves children
                                     and families in  places like
                                Nepal, Sudan,  India,  Peru, and
Store Location: Cleveland, Ohio

PH 2165240074                                      Solo Deo Gloria


Visit our online store!

email us with your requests.....
   Lots to choose from:                

  THINK ABOUT IT..............................
What if you could buy a diamond necklace or a unique piece of tribal jewelry for much less than the retail price, and know that 100% of the profit would go to help build an orphanage in Nepal, or send a poor child to school for a year............
What if your purchase of an exquisite Tanzanite Bracelet would result in a slave from Sudan being redeemed and reunited with his family.............

What if you could buy some Incan tribal jewelry from Peru knowing that a young girl would be plucked from the streets and given not only a place to eat and sleep, but training in the hostel business with the hope of a future running a restaurant or hostel.......

 Would you buy it?

Then click on the link above and explore my online store, or email me with requests for any pieces you might be interested in.Here is my contact information:
Gems for Life

I also sell fresh and salt-water pearls. email me if you are interested and I will email you detailed photos.  I have Tahitian pearls for 70% or more off retail.
Do you like "Italian Charms" or know someone who does? I HAVE THEM...
email me your requests. I have letters of the alphabet, theme charms and scripture charms. I can special order anything you'd like.  The "starter" bracelets are $10. Most of the charms are$ 2-4; and I'll custom-design one for you for only $39 !
I have a limited selection of Titanium, Sterling, Tungsten, and Stainless Steel Men's Rings selling for $50-80
How about that special birthday? I have a large selection of birthstone items....
I welcome you to click on the link above, visit my store, and participate in an adventure that values life and well-being. You won't be disappointed.