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Skilling Internship – Digital Marketing by Kavya Gowda

The objective of the Digital Marketing Internship for High School Students is to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental concepts, tools, and strategies of digital marketing. By the end of this internship, students will have gained practical skills and knowledge that will enable them to develop and implement effective digital marketing campaigns.

Skilling Internship – Animation by Dapun Rai Vaibhav Studios

This internship led by animator Dapun Rai Dewan introduces students to animation fundamentals. They learn from experienced professionals at Vaibhav Studios and DreamWorks Studios, exploring basic principles, developing skills for a career in animation, and fostering creative visualization. The program combines theory, practical exercises, and storytelling through art to build a strong animation foundation.

Skilling Internship – Forensic Psychology

During this internship, the students will learn what forensic psychology is and what are the laws regarding forensic psychology in both India and the United Kingdom. Students will also learn through the method of Role Play Interrogation, in which they will learn and understand the deeper meaning of Forensic Psychology. They will also have fun and interactive as well as informative activities regarding Behavioural Psychology.

Skilling Internship – Fashion Design

Fashion Design for teenagers is to provide participants with a comprehensive introduction to the field of fashion design. Through hands-on activities, practical projects, and industry insights, this internship aims to equip students with fundamental knowledge and skills in fashion design, fostering their creativity and preparing them for potential future careers or further education in the fashion industry.

Skilling Internship – Finance

The objective of the skilling internship in finance at EFC Education&Finance Center is to provide teenagers with a comprehensive understanding of financial literacy, empowering them to gain control over their finances and embrace financial freedom. Students will develop a holistic perspective on money, learning about various sources of income, comprehending concepts such as interest, inflation, and taxes, and acquiring essential skills for financial success. The internship aims to nurture a business mindset among students. By the end of the program, students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the world of finance confidently, setting them on a path towards a financially secure future.

Skilling Internship – Physiotherapy, Fitness and Rapid Sports Fitness

The objective of this skilling internship in physiotherapy is to equip participants with fundamental knowledge and practical skills in the field of physiotherapy. Participants will be able to, understand the basics of physiotherapy. Develop practical skills in injury management by learning effective techniques and strategies for assessing, treating, and rehabilitating various types of injuries. They will learn how to create tailored treatment plans based on individual needs and goals. Analyze the musculoskeletal system and human biomechanics: Acquire in-depth knowledge about the structure and function of the musculoskeletal system and its relationship with human biomechanics.

Skilling Internship – Product Development by Canva

The objective of the Skilling Internship - Product Development by Canva for teenager is to equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge required to develop innovative digital products using Canva's versatile design platform. Throughout this internship, students will gain hands-on experience in product ideation, prototyping, and user-centered design, enabling them to create visually appealing and user-friendly digital products. By the end of the program, participants will have acquired the necessary skills to design and develop their own digital products, empowering them to express their creativity, problem-solving abilities, and entrepreneurial mindset.

Skilling Internship – Medicine with Dr. Aaron

In this internship, Dr. Aaron teaches the interns the life of an in-house doctor, and how to work with patients. He provides the interns with “hands-on” experience by asking them to give mock diagnoses, so they have real life experience. He also explains the future of medicine and what careers one can choose from medicine. By the end of the internship, Dr. Aaron hopes that the students have understood the basics of medicine and learn something new

Skilling Internship – Game Design by Born to Die

The objective of the Game Design Skilling Internship is to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and techniques involved in designing captivating and immersive games. By the end of the internship, students will have developed the skills necessary to conceptualize, plan, and create their own engaging and innovative games.

Skilling Internship – Music Production

Why do certain scenes in movies and ads bring out certain emotions in us? How to create background music for films, advertisements and online series? How to convert lyrics to music? How to evoke emotions and create music that makes a difference. Learn from the Best in Hollywood and Bollywood on the world of music, behind the scenes.

Skilling Internship – Sports Managment

Arjun Dev is a renowned cricketer, who has started his own academy, called N.I.C.E, which trains students in the sport of cricket. In this internship, the mentor (Arjun Dev) will be teaching the interns about the workings of the sport industry and how sport management works.

He shows how to plan and manage athletes and sports clubs and gives out practical work to stimulate the students in the field. He will teach the methods of shadowing and role play as a club manager for exposure and experience

Skilling Internship –UI/UX

Ever wondered what makes using an app or website so intuitive and smooth? There are people who work on making the experience of using these digital products fun and easy. They ensure that the UI ( user interface - colors, fonts, look and feel ) are user friendly and the UX ( User experience - easy and fast navigation, positioning of elements etc ) are designed keeping the user’s benefit in mind. Intern in this field which has massive scope.

Skilling Internship – Videography and Film Making

This Skilling Internship aims to provide high school students with a comprehensive understanding of videography and film making, equipping them with practical skills and knowledge to pursue a career in this creative field. By the end of the internship, students will have gained proficiency in various aspects of videography and film making, enabling them to produce professional-quality videos and films.

Corporate Internship: AI with Amazon (AWS)

Enhance your AI journey with the AI Internship with Amazon (AWS) LIVE Online. A Corporate Internship where you will be trained, guided and assessed by industry mentors from Amazon (AWS).

This internship will enable you to innovate and influence change by combining your problem-solving skills and AI knowledge to create AI-powered solutions for real-world problems.

You will get an understanding of AI and its applications with an introduction to Natural Language Processing (NLP), Big Data, Deep Learning and ANN. Through the internship, you will gain hands-on experience on Amazon tools (SageMaker & Lex) and learn to deploy and test models using SageMaker.

AI Internship: Experiential On-Campus

Transform your AI journey with the AI Internship for Young Achievers (AIYA) Experiential On-Campus programme. This academic internship is designed for curious learners who are inquisitive and passionate about Artificial Intelligence and its applications in different fields and domains.

It will enable you to discover how you can use the power of AI in any discipline & field of study. You will experience a world-class university life at NTU (QS World Rank #19). Faculty from NTU and industry mentors from Amazon (AWS) will train, guide and assess you. Our in-house certified AI scholars also conduct workshops for project guidance and conceptual clarity.

Pre-Professional Programme: Business with Harvard Student Agencies

In this Live Online programme, led by the brightest of Harvard students, you will learn what it takes to manage and scale a business and get personal experience building a company from the ground up.

In the Entrepreneurship module, you will learn the fundamentals of launching a business and get the opportunity to extend financial literacy by delving deep into the world of start-ups. Valuable hands-on experience will challenge you to advance analytical thinking. At the end of the session, you will present an innovative business idea to judges, simulating a startup pitch to investors.

Pre-Professional Programme: Medicine with Harvard Student Agencies

This Live Online pre-med programme by Harvard Student Agencies (HSA) is a great way to develop a deep understanding of what it is like to pursue a professional Medicine programme.

You will learn key clinical skills from speakers and Harvard Medical School students and explore medical specialties from cardiology to immunotherapy. The sessions focus on two modules – Genetics and Diseases & Anatomy and Diagnostics.

You will lean about genetics, immunology, CRISPR, organic chemistry and diseases.

As part of Anatomy and Diagnostics, you will learn about body systems, blood work and medical images like X-rays/ MRIs.

Pre-Professional Programme: International Politics with Harvard Student Agencies

This Live Online International Politics programme by Harvard Student Agencies (HSA) will provide you with an insight into the structures of government, diplomacy tactics and international relations between countries. You will learn how political campaigns work, how policies are written and passed, and the impact of game theory on diplomacy.

It will prepare you to write your own viable public policy and present to HSA judges.

The curriculum taught by Harvard students will teach you about political science and also give you a better understanding of what it like to work in international politics.

Pre-Professional Programme: Law with Harvard Student Agencies

If you want to pursue a career in Law then the Live Online Law progarmme taught by Harvard Student Agencies (HSA) is a great way to explore this field. You will learn about the U.S. legal system and different types of law (like corporate, real estate, etc) and also how to approach cases like a lawyer.

Learning how to approach cases and legal documents like a lawyer and developing valuable critical thinking and reading skills will prepare you for a mock trial, where you will have the opportunity to step into the shoes of a lawyer, witness, or judge and simulate a real legal trial.

iX Launchpad: Blockchain & Crytpo Internship

Blockchain is the technology used to record and control cryptocurrency transactions. It is a system designed to create secure, decentralized public databases in which things of value can be stored. This ability used to only be held by governments and monarchies. But with the blockchain, it is held by society.

iX Launchpad: Digital Marketing Internship

An area of traditional marketing, digital marketing is the way in which companies use the internet to get the word out about their products. This can be via advertising on search engines such as Google, or on social networks like Meta (Facebook and Instagram), Twitter, and TikTok. Digital marketing is often the central pillar on which all of marketing rests, as it has the greatest reach to the widest audience at often much lower costs than traditional marketing, such as TV ads and billboards.

iX Launchpad: UX & UI Internship

User experience (UX) is the interaction between a user and a thing – a piece of software, a website, a car, a shop, a hat, a piece of packaging, etc. UI design – user interface design – specifically references the design of software interfaces, and is a sub-section of UX design. Good UX/UI design results in a good association and continued use of a product, app, or piece of software, whereas bad design can mean an unpopular and unused app, resulting in lost revenue.

iX Launchpad: Intro to Software Engineering Internship

The modern world runs on the internet, via websites, apps, and internet-enabled software. Software engineers are those tasked with creating the systems that we all use to interact with the internet. Some are more heavily involved in backend development where the site interacts with the rest of the internet and other websites. Others focus on the front end, where the piece of software interacts with the user enabling them to do what they need to do, whether that’s run accounting reports, record sales at a point of sale, or play a computer game.

iX Launchpad: Data Analytics Internship

In a world in which we are creating and storing vast amounts of data – information – all the time, data analytics is the art and science of analysing that data, extracting patterns, and turning them into insights that can be used by businesses to drive decision-making.

iX Launchpad: Management Consulting Internship

As the world of business expands and gets ever more complex and competitive, the management consulting industry has emerged. Experts in tackling business problems, with both analytical skills and creativity, management consultants are hired by companies to help diagnose and tackle business problems as they arise, using a variety of tools and frameworks, along with a healthy dose of industry understanding and intuition borne of experience.

business dev
Kidzink Internship role: Business Development

Focusing on building relationships and supporting clients with their needs. Matching needs to products and liaising with the design team.

graphic design
Kidzink Internship role: Graphic Designer

Scoping, designing and producing graphic designs as part of the graphic design team at Kidzinc.

Kidzink Internship role: Graphic Designer

Scoping, designing and producing graphic designs as part of the graphic design team at Kidzinc.

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