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Digital Marketing Internship

What is digital marketing?

An area of traditional marketing, digital marketing is the way in which companies use the internet to get the word out about their products. This can be via advertising on search engines such as Google, or on social networks like Meta (Facebook and Instagram), Twitter, and TikTok. Digital marketing is often the central pillar on which all of marketing rests, as it has the greatest reach to the widest audience at often much lower costs than traditional marketing, such as TV ads and billboards.

What will we learn?

This course teaches students how to:

  • Understand the difference between traditional and digital marketing.
  • Understand customer centricity, and develop customer journeys & brand personas.
  • Learn the importance of brand stories and how to tell brand stories that stick.
  • Understand the foundations of brand building and how to use digital tools.

Who will be teaching this class?

Ángela Ávila Peiró is a seasoned and award-winning UX Designer and Digital Marketer, active in the industry since 2017. She has served in roles as a copywriter, growth strategist, community manager, creative designer and editor across several major marketing projects in Spain and internationally. Through her work, she received awards from the Universidad CEU San Pablo and Atresmedia.

What is a hybrid on-campus model?

Students will travel to a US college campus – for Digital Marketing, that campus is Fordham University, New York City. They’ll stay in a real college dorm, eat in the dining hall, and get to know like-minded students from all over the world. Their classes will be held online over Zoom in the mornings, with afternoons free for excursions, enrichment activities, and plenty of fun and exploring.

What is a micro-internship?

Each programme takes part in a group micro-internship project, in which they tackle a real-world business problem using the skills they have learned in their course. This is a great chance to get real-world work experience within the safety of a learning environment. Last year, Summer Springboard students did their micro-internship with Varsity Vibe, creating a digital marketing plan for the startup. They analysed the target market and helped to create a brand persona, giving suggestions for social media posts and campaigns that would benefit the company. Their experience gave them a great advantage in college applications and gave them a clear idea of what it could be like working in the field of digital marketing.