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UX & UI Design Internship

What is UX & UI design?

User experience (UX) is the interaction between a user and a thing – a piece of software, a website, a car, a shop, a hat, a piece of packaging, etc. UI design – user interface design – specifically references the design of software interfaces, and is a sub-section of UX design. Good UX/UI design results in a good association and continued use of a product, app, or piece of software, whereas bad design can mean an unpopular and unused app, resulting in lost revenue.

What will we learn?

This course teaches students how to:

  • Understanding UX design rules and a user-centred approach
  • Learn how to create user journeys and user personas.
  • Understand UX research and its relevance to achieving usability and accessibility.
  • Introduction to the basic tools used in user design.

Who will be teaching this class?

Kelly McKerr is a Creative Designer at Picsart, a digital creation tools platform. With more than five years of experience as a graphic and visual designer, Kelly is one of iXperience’s UX Design interns from 2017 and has taught Visual Design alongside our college head teacher for the last two years.

What is a hybrid on-campus model?

Students will travel to a US college campus – for UX & UI Design, that campus is UC Berkeley, California. They’ll stay in a real college dorm, eat in the dining hall, and get to know like-minded students from all over the world. Their classes will be held online over Zoom in the mornings, with afternoons free for excursions, enrichment activities, and plenty of fun and exploring.

What is a micro-internship?

Each programme takes part in a group micro-internship project, in which they tackle a real-world business problem using the skills they have learned in their course. This is a great chance to get real-world work experience within the safety of a learning environment. Last year, Summer Springboard students did their micro-internship with Lunar Dust Marketing reviewing their website and suggesting improvements to the user interface design according to the principles learned in class. Their experience gave them a great advantage in college applications and gave them a clear idea of what it could be like working in the field of UX/UI design.