InvestIN Weekend Career Experiences

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Experience your
Dream Career

Immersive career experience programmes for ages 12-18.

Autumn Term Weekend Career Experiences

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Ages 15-18

 Young Doctor Weekend  6th November
 Young Architect Weekend  5th November
 Young Entrepreneur Weekend  5th November
 Young Filmmaker Weekend  5th November
 Young Dentist Weekend  12th November
 Young Engineer Weekend  12th November
 Young Computer Scientist Weekend  12th November
 Young Investment Banker Weekend  19th November
 Young Psychologist Weekend  19th November
 Young International Politics  19th November
 Young Fashion Designer Weekend  26th November
 Young Lawyer Weekend  26th November
 Young Vet Weekend  26th November
 Young Forensic Scientist Weekend  26th November
 Young Artist Weekend  3rd December


Spring Term Weekend Career Experiences

 Young Doctor Weekend  3rd March 2023
 Young Architect Weekend  3rd March 2023
 Young Entrepreneur Weekend  3rd March 2023
 Young Filmmaker Weekend  3rd March 2023
 Young Dentist Weekend  10th March 2023
 Young Engineer Weekend  10th March 2023
 Young Computer Scientist Weekend  10th March 2023
 Young Investment Banker Weekend  17th March 2023
 Young Psychologist Weekend  17th March 2023
 Young International Politics  17th March 2023
 Young Fashion Designer Weekend  17th March 2023
 Young Lawyer Weekend  10th March 2023
 Young Vet Weekend  17th March 2023
 Young Forensic Scientist Weekend  10th March 2023
 Young Artist Weekend  3rd March 2023

Summer Experiences

 Young Doctor  7th July 2023
 Young Engineer  7th July 2023
 Young Investment Banker  7th July 2023
 Young Lawyer  7th July 2023
 Young Psychologist  7th July 2023
 Young Entrepreneur  7th July 2023
 Young Architect  28th July 2023
 Young Filmmaker  28th July 2023
 Young Computer Scientist  28th July 2023
 Young Forensic Scientist  28th July 2023
 Young Dentist  28th July 2023
 Young Vet  28th July 2023
 Young International Politics  28th July 2023
 Young Fashion Designer  28th July 2023