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From high school to university and the world of work beyond, our mission is to open doors and facilitate success every step of the way.

Because once a GEMS student, always a member of the GEMS family.

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Hear the stories of some of the outstanding alumni from across various GEMS Education schools, now succeeding around the world.

  • Hadya Al Rajaby 

    The Westminster School, Dubai

    Deputy Ops Manager, Expo 2020

    From her very first Science class, it was clear that a career in sustainability was calling her.

  • Aamir Hashmi 

    GEMS Cambridge High School, Abu Dhabi

    Recipe Developer, Hello Chef

    Follow Aamir Hashmi’s flavourful story from The Cambridge High School – Abu Dhbai to cooking in a two-Michelin-star restaurant and being a recipe developer for Hello Chef!

  • Azzan Farooq

    Al Khaleej International School

    Game Designer

    Azzan Farooq began his design career by making educational video games at high school. He’s now working with Dubai Future Foundation – and it’s clear he’s destined for great things.

  • Patricia De Guzman

    GEMS Dubai American Academy

    Jewellery Design Instructor

    Patricia currently teaches at Dubai Design Academy where she focuses on jewellery design.

  • Jebin Thomas

    GEMS Modern Academy, Dubai

    Charter Fellow of the CIPD

    Jebin has demonstrated experience in identifying and developing young leaders for the future with his empowering and inspiring leadership style.

  • Sasha Nanda

    Jumeirah College

    Science Teacher

    Sasha Nanda, looked on the NASA website and saw that they offered internships, so decided to apply.

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Working closely with world-class higher education institutions, GEMS students have access to exclusive scholarships, direct university engagement, and admissions support of the highest quality. Our global university partners include:



Join events, programmes, workshops or online sessions to learn more about opportunities to create your 'best fit' pathway for academic and career success.

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From early years to high school, to university, the world of work and beyond – our mission is to open doors…

School Years
Meet Jessica

Dreaming of becoming a doctor, Jessica is eager to ensure she’s studying all the right courses and subjects to gain the right experience to help her realise her ambition. But with so much to consider and so many options to choose from, she’s having a hard time knowing where to start.

Meet Tarik…

With great predicted grades under his belt, Tarik rightly wants to make the most of his passion for computer science by gaining admission into the best universities. Faced with important financial considerations, however, not to mention fierce competition for places, he’s feeling the pressure.

the world of work
Meet Sarah...

Soon to graduate with a degree in Business Studies, Sarah wants to build momentum as soon as she enters the world of work. She envisages working for a corporate firm while simultaneously laying the groundwork to eventually launch her own business. But she knows it’s a tough, competitive industry and she’ll need all the help she can get.


Our Clients

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  • I won a full scholarship to Cambridge Summer Programs for Film and Acting this year, thanks to the guidance of my team and counselors who showed me this opportunity and guided me through the intense application process! My family will be able to send me to this 2019 summer program in the UK because if I didn’t earn a scholarship we couldn’t afford it! Thanks for this award and opportunity, as now I am set on a path for my Uni admissions as a senior applicant for the fall – and we have a lot of work to do but a comprehensive plan already!

    Sophia Veroni

    Anoushka, GEMS Modern Academy Dubai

  • As an Elite Admissions student in grade 12, I am beyond pleased with my acceptances into several Ivy League universities – with scholarships! Thank you to MyPathToUni and the GEMS UniConnect Team with ScorePlusm, as I could not have competed the full year of applications to the US and UK without your guidance! My school counselor is thrilled with this support, too, as your kind professionalism helped guide her through the support she needed to get accepted. Thank you, again and again, for my lifelong dream is to study at an Ivy League school!

    Louise Walker

  • Thanks to the Oliv Team I have earned a full-time paid internship with a UAE Engineering firm to explore my undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering in Canada. I almost had to attend a Foundation Program but after my internship and tutoring support from MyPathToUni over the summer, too, I am at a undergrad uni that I love. My parents are beyond happy to have had this support – as I am now on track again after my A levels to gain real-world career experience to help me determine where I go next after my undergraduate and internship experiences. 


    Perry Linsley

    Principal/CEO GEMS Winchester School – Fujairah

  • The TELLAL trainers were very approachable and helpful throughout the session. They were open to questions and willing to support in every way. The strategies used were very applicable for us in the classroom as well as our plans to train other adults in our specialist areas

    Train the Trainer participant

  • Different activities were incorporated in the workshop which gave us a clear insight and understanding of the topics and concepts. The sharing of information between different participants helped us look at different perspectives and assisted my learning. There was plenty of opportunity to share ideas and ask questions and I especially enjoyed gaining an understanding of the 6 leadership types, reflecting on what type of leader I am and the leadership skills I would like to develop.

    Teacher Leaders Programme participant

  • Confident and knowledgeable presenters. Engaging and interactive sessions with group facilitated learning. Insightful to see assessments used for Principals and to receive and understand the type of KHDA interview questions. The RACI matrix provides a clear framework when looking at accountability within schools. Getting interview feedback from respected leaders in the sector was the added bonus.

    Executive Leaders Programme participant

  • I enjoyed the opportunity to discuss the coaching model. The discussion points generated were engaging and I liked the conversations that came out of them. They made me think and reflect. Lots of practical application throughout the course and I found it useful to practice real life coaching conversations but also the chance to write up actions plans for me to apply.

    Coach U Clinic participant