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Having a mentor or coach to provide informed guidance and advice through the different phases of life is an invaluable experience and asset. But it’s something most of us never have access to. Whether it’s help with choosing where to attend university, selecting the right study programme, launching a business or product, or considering whether to switch career – these are all pivotal moments when the insights of someone who’s already been there and done it can make all the difference. 



Mentorship Programme

GEMS Alumni Mentorship Programme
Whether you are a mentor or looking for a mentor, we’ll help you:
• Build skills and gain experience
• Learn from seasoned professionals
• Explore and tap into diverse professional communities
• Broaden your professional network
• Empower your peers
• Give back to the GEMS community

Types of


Professional Mentorship

Allows individuals to be paired with a member of our alumni network who has a well-established career in a certain field

Personal Mentorship

Allows individuals to be paired with someone who can help develop specific skills and capacities (e.g. negotiation, communication, presentation skills)

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