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  • For Students and Parents
    04 February, 2023

    Location: Rove Downtown, Dubai
    Join us to learn more about IE University, what it’s like to study in Spain, & to fast-track your IE application. You'll also have the opportunity to participate in an interactive panel discussion with current IE students & Alumni.

  • Grade 12th Students and Counsellors
    14 February, 2023
    16 February, 2023
    Bridging The (Employability) Gap! – Open Day Week

    Location: RIT – Dubai Campus
    This event is tailored towards Grade 12th Student’s, to help students decide on the relevant programme for their future, and how RIT is constantly working towards bridging the skill gap.

  • UAE High School Counsellors
    08 February, 2023
    Why you should study Psychology at the University of Huddersfield

    Online Webinar
    Lecturer Professor David Peebles, Director of the Centre of Cognition & Neuroscience will explain why studying psychology will not only be fun & exciting but will also give you knowledge & skills that will be invaluable to you, both personally & for your future career.

  • For Counsellors
    28 February, 2023
    2023 INTO School Counsellor Engagement Event

    Location:  JA Ocean View Hotel, JBR
    Introducing our new Dubai based office & exciting partner & programme updates with one to one conversation with our UK, US & Australian university study centre representatives & a networking lunch with opportunities to further network with INTO university centre representatives & senior global ®ional staff.

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