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  • For Student - Parents - Teachers
    03 June, 2023
    03 June, 2023
    MDX GEMS Schools Open Day

    Location:Middlesex University Dubai Dubai Knowledge Park Campus Block 15,16,17
    Join our exclusive event for high school students and parents from GEMS school group! Open day for students, parents, teachers and counsellors to visit our state of the art Dubai Knowledge Park campus, meet and speak with our faculty and hear all about our programmes we have available, chat to our friendly admissions team about the enrolment process, take a campus tour, and take advantage of the GEMS partnership and early enrolment grant plus a premium giveaway!

  • UAE High School Counsellors
    07 June, 2023
    07 June, 2023
    Canadian Admissions and Scholarships 2024

    Location: Online
    Topics covered: How admission and Scholarship requirements are changing for Sept. 2024 cycle. New Scholarships for 2024. Dates and Deadlines. What's new in Video Response for Top Universities. New and Upcoming Careers . Delivered by Futures Abroad

  • GEMS Counsellors
    08 June, 2023
    08 June, 2023
    Navitas University Pathways & Universities: Setting your students up for success

    Location: Murdoch University, Dubai campus
    Please join us over brunch to discuss the on-campus academic & social support Navitas provides for international students during their foundation year or year one of their Bachelor’s at more than 30 public universities in Canada, the UK, Netherlands, Germany, the US, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore – and in Dubai!

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