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Skills for Industry

This section of our website will flag interesting courses and programmes that will support the development of Skills for Industry. We will search for a range of opportunities and negotiate the best deals we can for GEMS students. Please note that most of these opportunities are facilitated by external companies and not GEMS Education.

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CJBS Personal Development Programme

Since 2017, CJBS has been delivering programmes to give pre-university students around the world a head-start in developing the skills that are essential to leading successful academic, professional, and personal lives.

Whether they are aspiring lawyers, doctors, engineers or another career, students will find that the key skills they develop through their participation in the PD Programme are integral to achieving their goals.

InvestIN Immersive Career Experiences

We offer students the chance to test-drive their dream career before they leave school. Our career experience programmes enable students to gain hands-on, practical industry experience alongside leading professionals, so that they can make the right career decisions and maximise their potential. Weekend programmes run every autumn and spring, whilst in July and August, we deliver our flagship Summer Experiences, with residential packages available.