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This section of our website will flag interesting courses and programmes that will support the development of Skills for Industry. We will search for a range of opportunities and negotiate the best deals we can for GEMS students. Please note that most of these opportunities are facilitated by external companies and not GEMS Education.

Corporate Internship: AI with Amazon (AWS)

Enhance your AI journey with the AI Internship with Amazon (AWS) LIVE Online. A Corporate Internship where you will be trained, guided and assessed by industry mentors from Amazon (AWS).

This internship will enable you to innovate and influence change by combining your problem-solving skills and AI knowledge to create AI-powered solutions for real-world problems.

You will get an understanding of AI and its applications with an introduction to Natural Language Processing (NLP), Big Data, Deep Learning and ANN. Through the internship, you will gain hands-on experience on Amazon tools (SageMaker & Lex) and learn to deploy and test models using SageMaker.

AI Internship: Experiential On-Campus

Transform your AI journey with the AI Internship for Young Achievers (AIYA) Experiential On-Campus programme. This academic internship is designed for curious learners who are inquisitive and passionate about Artificial Intelligence and its applications in different fields and domains.

It will enable you to discover how you can use the power of AI in any discipline & field of study. You will experience a world-class university life at NTU (QS World Rank #19). Faculty from NTU and industry mentors from Amazon (AWS) will train, guide and assess you. Our in-house certified AI scholars also conduct workshops for project guidance and conceptual clarity.

Pre-Professional Programme: Business with Harvard Student Agencies

In this Live Online programme, led by the brightest of Harvard students, you will learn what it takes to manage and scale a business and get personal experience building a company from the ground up.

In the Entrepreneurship module, you will learn the fundamentals of launching a business and get the opportunity to extend financial literacy by delving deep into the world of start-ups. Valuable hands-on experience will challenge you to advance analytical thinking. At the end of the session, you will present an innovative business idea to judges, simulating a startup pitch to investors.

Pre-Professional Programme: Medicine with Harvard Student Agencies

This Live Online pre-med programme by Harvard Student Agencies (HSA) is a great way to develop a deep understanding of what it is like to pursue a professional Medicine programme.

You will learn key clinical skills from speakers and Harvard Medical School students and explore medical specialties from cardiology to immunotherapy. The sessions focus on two modules – Genetics and Diseases & Anatomy and Diagnostics.

You will lean about genetics, immunology, CRISPR, organic chemistry and diseases.

As part of Anatomy and Diagnostics, you will learn about body systems, blood work and medical images like X-rays/ MRIs.

Pre-Professional Programme: International Politics with Harvard Student Agencies

This Live Online International Politics programme by Harvard Student Agencies (HSA) will provide you with an insight into the structures of government, diplomacy tactics and international relations between countries. You will learn how political campaigns work, how policies are written and passed, and the impact of game theory on diplomacy.

It will prepare you to write your own viable public policy and present to HSA judges.

The curriculum taught by Harvard students will teach you about political science and also give you a better understanding of what it like to work in international politics.

Pre-Professional Programme: Law with Harvard Student Agencies

If you want to pursue a career in Law then the Live Online Law progarmme taught by Harvard Student Agencies (HSA) is a great way to explore this field. You will learn about the U.S. legal system and different types of law (like corporate, real estate, etc) and also how to approach cases like a lawyer.

Learning how to approach cases and legal documents like a lawyer and developing valuable critical thinking and reading skills will prepare you for a mock trial, where you will have the opportunity to step into the shoes of a lawyer, witness, or judge and simulate a real legal trial.

Summer Experiential Learning Programmes with Projects Abroad

Founded in 1992, Projects Abroad have been a global leader in responsible travel for over 30 years. During this time, we’ve helped over 130,000 volunteers and students broaden their horizons through immersive experiences abroad.

With our projects, students take part in meaningful experiences by making long-term, positive impacts around the world. Through a combination of volunteering and adventure, students will be inspired, empowered, and challenged.

Take part in one of our amazing projects, put together for GEMS students. Discover Kenya with our Conservation project or explore Nepal with our Childcare and Community project.

Immerse Education

Immerse Education was founded in 2012 with the aim of providing students aged 13-18 with unparalleled educational experiences. We have educated thousands of students through our exceptional academic enrichment programmes in the colleges of Oxford and Cambridge University, University College London and the University of Sydney.

Our carefully designed curricula not only stimulate students’ intellectual curiosity, challenging their expectations in their own ability, but will also motivate them as they embark on decisions about their university studies, and future goals.

Through their partnership with GEMS For Life, Immerse Education are able to offer a 20% discount on all of their courses to students of GEMS Education. .

ISSOS International Summer Schools – St Andrews, Cambridge and Yale Universities

At ISSOS we never forget that our students are on their summer holidays and we provide a summer adventure like no other! Each of our students will benefit from an all-inclusive activities programme designed to immerse them in the UK and USA’s rich and unique culture. With an exhilarating selection of outdoor activities, day trips and evening entertainment, as well as the exclusive ISSOS Highland Games, we guarantee that our students will have the summer of a lifetime.

InvestIN Summer Career Experiences

We offer students a once-in-a-lifetime experience of their dream career before they’ve even left school, with exclusive insider advice on how to succeed. We help students to choose their future with confidence and fully maximise their potential.

Industry-leading professionals design every one of our experiences, guiding students through authentic career simulations, interactive activities, inspiring site visits, personalised career guidance and networking opportunities.

Each of our programmes are tailor-made for young people to get a head start in their dream careers. Students can attend a 1 day weekend masterclass for a taste of their chosen industry or a 5, 10 or 15 day summer experience for a fully-immersive, 360-degree look at their dream career.

Our ‘Young’ programmes are designed for students aged 15-18, whilst our ‘Future’ programmes cater to students aged 12-14. Students can attend either in person or live online; no application or prior experience is needed to secure a place.

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CJBS Personal Development Programme

Since 2017, CJBS has been delivering programmes to give pre-university students around the world a head-start in developing the skills that are essential to leading successful academic, professional, and personal lives.

Whether they are aspiring lawyers, doctors, engineers or another career, students will find that the key skills they develop through their participation in the PD Programme are integral to achieving their goals.

Barista & Entrepreneurship
Summer Programme: for business leaders of tomorrow Topics covered: barista skills, start your own coffee shop, Entrepreneural skills, business plan, collaboration and teamwork, creativity, marketing, problem solving, visit a roastery and coffee shop tour.