GEMS for Life - A Legacy


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GEMS for Life

We have always seen it as our responsibility to support students not only while they’re at school, but also after they’ve left. 


Our goal is to set students up with the best chance of success, preparing them for university, higher education and the world of work while still in our care – and then continuing to open doors and provide opportunities long into the future.

Once a GEMS student, always a member of the GEMS family.



Our vision: To expand our world-class support beyond education to all aspects of life for all members of the GEMS community – past, present and future.

Our mission: To provide lifelong support to the GEMS community throughout all stages of life to give them a competitive edge over their peers 


Core Values

Always learning: GEMS for Life is our commitment to the GEMS community to never stop learning and to always progress 

Care: GEMS for Life ensures that all our students and alumni have opportunities to address their needs as key players of the programme 

One team: GEMS for Life considers the entirety of the GEMS community – past, present and future – to be members of one team whose support to one another is its strength

Excellence: GEMS for Life encourages, facilitates and celebrates the success of all its community members


GEMS for Life
A Legacy

GEMS for Life is a one-stop solution building on GEMS Education’s world class school services. It will offer life-long learning, student employability, university placements plus alumni engagement and a host of extra lifestyle benefits

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