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The GEMS Alumni programme is our lifelong commitment to you. Our aim is to connect and support the global GEMS community of graduates through the different stages of their professional lives and beyond.

With a legacy of well over 60 years in the Middle East, GEMS alumni are now based all over the world and in almost every industry all sharing the same core values of lifelong learning, kindness, respect and empathy.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the exclusive GEMS Alumni global community and start connecting today!

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Step into this exciting world of connectivity with over 400,000 alumni worldwide in over 80 countries. This is an excellent opportunity to reconnect with former classmates and fellow GEMS students to establish a valuable social and professional network.

The World

CEOs and entrepreneurs that are shaping the world of business and commerce, to scientists, educators and innovators who are rethinking how we live. We have writers, artists and performers that are telling the stories that entertain and educate us, and we have teachers that are preparing the next generation of world leaders. Whatever path you chose after school, the GEMS Alumni programme helps you connect with former GEMS students across our network

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