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We know the power of networking and how crucial it is to leverage personal connections. We also know the value of providing our students with a readymade network of hundreds of thousands of fellow alumni, opening up a world of opportunities and benefits. From personal mentoring and coaching, to university and career advice, to professional development, inspiring talks and social events, the GEMS Alumni programme gives our students a head start and a free leg up the ladder. It all starts with the GEMS Alumni app and grows from there.

New Lifetime Membership
GEMS Rewards programme

When we say GEMS For Life, we mean it!

All GEMS students and alumni, along with an unlimited number of their family and friends, can now take advantage of GEMS Rewards’ amazing range of shopping and lifestyle deals, promotions, and savings not just while they’re at school, but long after they’ve graduated. And they can do so from anywhere in the world. Forever.

GEMS Alumni App
The GEMS Alumni Mobile App

Step into this exciting world of connectivity with over 400,000 alumni worldwide in over 80 countries. This is an excellent opportunity to reconnect with former classmates and fellow GEMS students to establish a valuable social and professional network.

Dr Sanjay Tolani

Best-Selling Author & CEO Of Goodwill World - A Multi-Family Office

"Leveraging on the knowledge bank of the alumni is the opportunity GEMS for Life provides. As Alumni, we can contribute back to our communities, and are also fortunate enough to continue receiving from it, because we all are GEMS for LIFE!

Dj Sanjay

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