Arbor Strategy Consulting

An independent university
Admissions Counselling Service Provider

Arbor Strategy Consulting has worked closely with over 400 high school students to guide them through the entire university admissions process since 2008. Based in the UAE, we have supported students from all around the world to ensure a sound approach to their selection of, and application to universities. While the final outcome of college selection is important, it is on the process of self-discovery and university-discovery that Arbor Strategy Consulting focuses. Our goal is to help prospective students find their perfect fit and to ensure they reach their full potential.

List of Services:

Free services:

• US University Admissions Presentations for students (group)

• US University Admissions Presentations for parents and students (group)

• Private Consultation with student & parents (1-on-1)

Chargeable services:

• Personalized Report on analysis of student and proposed list of best-fit US universities - delivered after Private Consultation

• US University Application Boot Camp (group)

• Full Package US University Admissions Counselling (1-on-1)

• Personalized Report: 20% discount

• Boot Camp: 15% discount

• Full Package: 11% discount


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+971 50 612 4303

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