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GroupL Education is a leading study abroad consultancy in the UAE. Specializing in guiding students for overseas university admissions and identifying the right university program for them. With an experienced team of education specialists, GroupL Education helps students with university shortlisting and A-Z application processes, profile-building, career counseling, interview skills development, scholarship application advising, essay writing, visa and accommodation guidance, entrance test preparations, career-oriented tests, etc. With our 50 years of Legacy in the field of recruitment in the UAE, we are pioneers in creating Internship and work opportunities for our students.  

Our team at GroupL Education has expertise in university admissions in countries like the UK, US, Canada, Europe, Ireland, India, and Australia. We work closely with the world’s best universities which are affordable and highly ranked.

GroupL Education believes in carefully curating a successful career path for every student; therefore, we act as a connector between the university and students all over the world, helping students with a successful career, starting with admissions to their dream institution.  


List of Services

-Free Counselling Sessions

-IELTS Preparation Courses

-Profile Building

-Visa help & advice

-Education Fairs

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GroupL Student Placement services are free for any assistance with Client institutions


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