The future is not something we enter but
Something we create

A person spends more than 1/3 of her/his life in career. Career is not merely a means of life, but the major factor that decides happiness, financial independence, social identifiy, fulfilment and purpose in life.

But nearly 47% of career pathways as we know today won't exist in another 10 - 15 years. The World of Career is going through a paradigm shift. Only people who reach their 'right careers' will be able to survive and prosper in the new world. But experts observe that only 5% of students reach their right career in the 1st attempt. This makes people demotivated, disturbed and depressed.

Our ultimate target is to solve this problem by leading every young adult to a meaningfull career.

World-class guidance is indeed required to meet this aim and we provide this in the most comprehensive format.

Lifology has hosted world class experts to mentor students, parents and teachers. We have brought the best brains across the world in our platform including thought leaders from NASA, United Nations, World Bank, WHO, Ivy League Universities, Leaders from MNC's, various Governments & NGO's.

The inputs and insights from them will help students and academia to be updated and upgraded in a fast evolving VUCA world.


List of Services


1. Aptitude Assesment: Lifology Career Intelligence Test

"‘We are all born special, but become ordinary by forgetting about ourselves, our uniqueness’.

Career Intelligence Test is a data based psychometric assessment that helps a person understand her/his uniqueness. It explores into more than 120 factors in a person, measures every aspect in a detailed manner and produces a very comprehensive personality report.

The process is well backed up by scientific data and studies of legendary psychologist, Dr Carl Gustav Jung and the Harvard Academician, Dr Howard Gardner.


2. Career Coaching: The Lifology Way

'Lifologist Coaches show you where to look; but not tell you what to see'

Certified Lifologists help students to take right decisions regarding a) which career to choose, b) country to focus on, c) course to study, d) university to apply and, e) entrance examination to prepare for.

The coaches do this following a gamified, exciting and engaging process based on the 'Lifology Career Superhero' hybrid workbook.

The globally appreciated Lifology Way of Career Coaching helps students to be 95% clear about their future pathway.


Discount/Offer for GEMS 

1. Aptitude Assesment: Lifology Career Intelligence Test

100% Free for GEMS students.

2. Career Coaching: The Lifology Way

38% discount for GEMS students from the market price