Corporate Gurukul - AI Internship for Young Achievers (AIYA)


Learn the Al tools to solve real world problems

Course Name

Corporate Gurukul AI Internship for Young Achievers (AIYA) Programme

 Description The AI Internship for Young Achievers (AIYA) is designed for high school students aged 13 and above, to understand and apply the fundamental concepts of AI.  It is an open academic internship with participant from multiple countries across Asia. 
Company Name

Corporate Gurukul

Deadline to apply  
Location / Formats
  • Online
  • Hybrid (on-campus at NTU Singapore)
  • Fully On-Campus at NTU Singapore


Language English
Program outline & flow  
Programme Structure
  • Session with Conceptual Knowledge by NTU (15hrs)
  • Hands-On Practice and Domain Application with HPE (15hrs)
  • Evaluation with NTE and HPE (3hrs)
  • Live online guidance by CG Mentors (30hrs)
  • Self direct project work by participant (20-80hrs)
Completion Documents
  • Certificate of Completion by NTU
  • Certificate of Completion by HPE
  • Letter of Recommendation for top project by NTU and HPE
Areas of interest Artificial Intelligence
  • You should display critical thinking, problem solving and team skills. 
  • No previous programming knowledge is required. 
 Internship Fee AED 2,499 - 7,999 

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Corporate Gurukul - AI Internship for Young Achievers (AIYA)

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