The SDCEE Young Startup Entrepreneur Program

Programme Information:

The structure of the 3-week bootcamp provides participants with a real experience of the entrepreneurship process while offering good networking opportunities with industry leaders.

The morning lectures are facilitated by trainers from Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, Rotterdam, and structured as interactive sessions. In the afternoon, participants will either be inspired by guest speakers, get the chance to discuss their progress with coaches, or have time to test their ideas when they start their venture at Dtec. In addition, the program includes weekly tours of entrepreneurial ecosystems to inform students about the types of support that exist when they pursue their business idea after completion of the bootcamp.

The Young Startup Entrepreneur Program


Some of the major areas that the bootcamp will focus on include:

  • Building leadership skills
  • Navigating through real business situations
  • Cultivating a mindset for business
  • Strategies for internationalization of business
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Growth and scaling strategies
  • Human resource development
  • Finances of a business
  • Impact investing
  • Networking in the industry

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