Our Alumni

Where are
They Now?

  • Hadya Al Rajaby 

    The Westminster School, Dubai

    Deputy Ops Manager, Expo 2020

    From her very first Science class, it was clear that a career in sustainability was calling her.

  • Aamir Hashmi 

    GEMS Cambridge High School, Abu Dhabi

    Recipe Developer, Hello Chef

    Follow Aamir Hashmi’s flavourful story from The Cambridge High School – Abu Dhbai to cooking in a two-Michelin-star restaurant and being a recipe developer for Hello Chef!

  • Azzan Farooq

    Al Khaleej International School

    Game Designer

    Azzan Farooq began his design career by making educational video games at high school. He’s now working with Dubai Future Foundation – and it’s clear he’s destined for great things.

  • Patricia De Guzman

    GEMS Dubai American Academy

    Jewellery Design Instructor

    Patricia currently teaches at Dubai Design Academy where she focuses on jewellery design.

  • Jebin Thomas

    GEMS Modern Academy, Dubai

    Charter Fellow of the CIPD

    Jebin has demonstrated experience in identifying and developing young leaders for the future with his empowering and inspiring leadership style.

  • Sasha Nanda

    Jumeirah College

    Science Teacher

    Sasha Nanda, looked on the NASA website and saw that they offered internships, so decided to apply.

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