Digital Marketing Micro-Internship

Internship role Digital Marketing Micro-Internship at Axians
Company name iX LaunchPad Career Exploration Programme
Company website
Location of internship Virtual
Short description of internship role The iX LaunchPad Micro-Internship with Axians is an opportunity for high school students to put their Digital Marketing skills into practice. The real-world project requires students to compile and present a marketing campaign with the assistance of the iX LaunchPad teaching team. Students spend the class sessions learning the tools and tricks of the trade so they can tackle their projects with confidence.
Duration of Internship The Digital Marketing Micro-Internship is available in two bootcamp-style sessions over the summer. Summer holiday session 1: 25 July - 3 August Summer holiday session 2: 15 - 24 August
Model of internship The 8-day holiday programme runs every other day, featuring two-hour classes. Homework and group work for the micro-internship project happens between classes
Deadline to apply for internship Application deadline for session 1: 28 July Application deadline for session 2: 8 August
Age range 15+ 
Virtual internship Yes
Industry focus Digital Marketing
Language English
Key skills requirements In order to succeed in the iX LaunchPad Course & Micro-Internship Programme, students should be prepared to engage with content both written and live-taught, spend time in live, online lessons, and work through both individual and group project work. The micro-internship is a group project, that requires teamwork, virtual collaboration, and an understanding of the course material. Other than a willingness to devote time and space to the work, there are no prerequisites for admission, other than a fluent understanding and command of English.
Compensation No financial compensation
Additional information All iX LaunchPad Career Exploration Programmes and Micro-Internships are taught by industry professionals giving you a window into the world of work.