Leadership Programme

With TELLAL’s Educational Leadership Academy, schools have the opportunity to nurture and develop their own future leaders. Nurturing leadership is essential to talent management, succession planning and staff retention. Our aim is to engage and challenge aspiring and existing leaders and encourage self-reflection amongst school leaders.

The programmes aim to provide participants with: 

  • an ability to apply theory to practice - developing skills and utilisng concepts that lead to school improvement.
  • an informed appreciation of their own values.
  • an ability to critically evaluate their current practices and strategically plan how they aim to develop others, within a learning organisation.


  • Face to Face, online or blended learning
  • Language of instruction: English and/or Arabic 
  • KHDA recognised and approved
  • Designed and facilitated by experienced school leaders
  • Immediately applicable to own practice

Suitable For

  • Aspiring and existing school leaders

Most impactful If…

  • Participants currently have leadership responsibilities 

Teacher Leaders Programme

For individuals aspiring to leadership.  This programme can be accessed either face to face or online and consists of four modules:

  1. Responsibility to Self and Others
  2. Pedagogical Leadership in Action
  3. Moving Forward
  4. Optimising human, financial and learning resources

Middle Leaders Programme

For Individuals in a Middle Leadership position, aspiring to Senior Leadership.  This programme can be accessed either face to face or online and consists of four modules:

  1. The Values Driven Leader
  2. Evaluation for Change and Improvement Planning
  3. Performance Enhancement
  4. Distributing Leadership for Empowerment and Efficacy  

Senior Leaders Programme

For individuals in a Senior Leadership position, aspiring to Executive Leadership.  This programme consists of eight modules offered through a blended learning approach:

  1. The Values Driven Leader
  2. Embedding Accountability
  3. Implementing Change
  4. Understanding Succession Planning community and profitability
  5. Data Driven Strategy 
  6. Triple Bottom Line 
  7. Developing you 
  8. School marketing, enrolments & competitor awareness

Leadership Development Series

A series of leadership training modules that each focus on a leadership competency, suitable for all educational leaders.  Training is offered through live webinars and competencies are related to leadership of self, others, school and business:

  1. Resilience
  2. Adaptive Leadership
  3. Self Improving School Systems
  4. Mobilising Innovation
  5. Data Literacy
  6. Programme Management
  7. Customer Centric Business
  8. Financial Literacy