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Transitioning from school to university is an exciting time for students and parents. But it’s not without its stresses and challenges: How will my application stand out from the thousands of other applications? Have I ticked all the boxes and supplied all the necessary documents? What are the application deadlines and how do I know I haven’t missed them already? The list goes on…

Fortunately, our trained and knowledgeable counsellors and partners are here to support students at every step in the application process, no matter where they’re applying and hoping to study. Here’s how we can help:




Our students have access to destination experts who support their applications no matter where they are looking to study. Whether it’s submitting UCAS applications for the UK, completing a Common App for the US, or applying to a local UAE university, we can advise and provide support throughout the process. That includes advising on deadlines, personal statements and everything in between.

College Admissions
Essay Help

Essays are a vital part of the university admissions process, but they can be tricky. If extra help is needed, our essay writing experts provide actionable feedback and editing to help students improve their essay content, structure, clarity and grammar.


Assistance on

Visa Application

GEMS works with global leaders in international education to provide additional support with your transition to university, including advice on study choices, accommodation and study visas.


Proper preparation before heading off to study overseas makes the process smooth and seamless. We offer students the tools they need for the best possible study experience and we host pre-departure briefings to help you prepare for life in a new country.

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