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At GEMS, we’ve always believed in the value and importance of experiential learning as part of a well-rounded education. GEMS for Life supercharges that by providing opportunities for students to gain real-world experience and transferable skills, explore career options and industry pathways, and enhance their portfolios to make them even more attractive to universities and employers. Every one of our students has the option to participate in volunteer work, internships, apprenticeships, summer jobs and part-time paid employment, while tapping the support and expertise of our experienced counsellors to build and enhance their CVs and personal profiles. 


Opportunities with

Industry Partners

Through GEMS for Life, we aim to level the playing field by giving students the opportunity to draw on our ever-expanding pool of industry partners and alumni willing to offer their support – for free. Think of it as your own personal sounding board and support network.


Explore career options 

Resumé Building

Explore career options and resumé-building resources from high school and beyond via targeted internships, career exploration programmes, volunteer opportunities, work placements, and more – to help you stay competitive in a continually changing global workforce.

Our team of

Global Partners

Our team of global partners provide internships, jobs and volunteering opportunities for talented high school candidates aged 15-18, current university students and recent graduates. Start your CV online to access a wide range of employers and opportunities to enhance your academic career with real-world employment and enrichment programmes.

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