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On top of the quality education our students receive at school, GEMS for Life equips them (and our alumni on an ongoing basis) with valuable work skills and experiences through internship and work placement opportunities. These help them stay competitive in a fast-changing world. Beginning with the initial steps of CV/resume-building and volunteering opportunities, and then extending to internships and even paid work with our continuously growing list of industry partners, GEMS for Life provides support to students at every stage of their journeys – and always in a safe and closely monitored environment.

Our GEMS for Life counselling teams and partners support students in the following areas:

CV and Portfolio Building

Through our partners, students gain access to short-term or long-term options for internships, work-study/co-op degrees, work placements, community service, volunteering and more.

Advice on
CV'S and Portfilio Building

In today’s world, your CV acts as a crucial identifier of your skills, goals and achievements. We assist every student with building, and effectively presenting, a strong CV and portfolio while still at school, helping them to expand their professional horizons.

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