University and Career Counselling

University and Career Counselling

Our team of global partners offer life-coaching and personalised mentoring to student from Grade 7 or Year 8 to our alumni– with unique psychometric and learning style analysis to support academic success (no matter what the curricula) to progress from high school to university and career! We encourage students to view their future profession not only as a means for earning but also a major part of life that incorporates self-exploration, understanding of the environment, aptitudes and opportunities.


Psychometric and aptitude tests

Explore and discover your suitability to your career of choice with the help of psychometric and aptitude tests designed specifically for your age-group.




Lifology is the world’s #1 career guidance programme.

Just as GPS helps you reach the right destinations, Lifology helps teenagers navigate towards the suitable higher studies and career options. It does so by providing one-on-one mentoring customised to the unique needs of each students and backed by an AI-powered engine.

By combining the powers of human and artificial intelligence, Lifology is on a mission to lead children towards their most suitable and fulfilling career options.


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Calibri is proud to be the most trusted name in UAE when it comes to career planning as it is not associated with any college/university for admissions. Therefore, students are provided with an unbiased and uninfluenced guidance for their career and educational choices.


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Explore career options and resumé-building resources from high school and beyond via targeted internships, career exploration programmes, volunteer opportunities, work placements, and more – to help you stay competitive in a continually changing global workforce.

Our team of global partners provide internships, jobs and volunteering opportunities for talented high school candidates ages 15-18, current university students and recent graduates.  Start your CV online to access thousands of employers and opportunities to enhance your academic career with real-world employment and enrichment programmes.


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